Thursday, January 8, 2009

King Airell

Those who murdered my parents told me the Ansgarian army would invade the kingdom the next day. The threat of using Deathsong on them was their motivation.

I am not my ancestor, King Ahearn. I felt it best to flee Rivalin. King Airell, the monarch of Boadhagh on Rivalin's southern border, took me in. The last three years I have used Deathsong to stop the Ansgarians from sweeping through his kingdom as they did my father's.

King Airell is a good king and was a great warrior in days past. I have heard many stories of his exploits when he wore armor. His friendship has meant much to me.

But I worry about him. His daughter, Deirdre, left Boadhagh it seems without explanation several years ago. That broke his heart. He speaks of her sometimes with great longing. I hope someday, for his sake, she will return.

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