Monday, January 26, 2009

No Chance to Rest

We fought against the oncoming Ansgarian army all day yesterday. Windfire set many of the tree-like soldiers aflame as I hacked and slashed them. When Deathsong gets close to an enemy, it no longer erupts with blue-white energy. It seems to know its blade must do the work.

And work it did yesterday. Cutting through both leather armor and their own bark is trying. I must use more strength to penetrate both. Between our efforts and those of the Long Riders, the assault was halted--at least for the moment. They have a small encampment on the Boadhagh side of the border. And it will be from there that they will attack again.

Once more I must use Deathsong this day to push them to retreat. I only hope I have the strength.

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