Friday, March 6, 2009

Another Day, Another Battle

Windfire and I reached the invaders long before the Long Riders did. I know of no faster horse in Boadhagh than Windfire. Their army is immense. All I could see as we thundered down the hillside towards the invaders were the accursed tall soldiers wearing their black and gold uniforms.

At a distance, Ansgarians appear to be human. They have two arms and legs as we do. They have heads as humans do. But they are covered in a tough bark. Deathsong and Windfire both set many aflame, which broke up the ordered ranks on one side of the advancing column. Those on fire panicked and ran heedless of what happened to those around them.

We waded in among the Ansgar warriors. I know not how long we fought. The leader of the Long Riders finally called to me--the enemy is still advancing. But he insisted we must rest. I looked up to see it was nearly dusk. My arms are so weary from wielding my great sword. I fear that is a soldier's lot.

We shall fight again come the dawn.

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